Please Do ~ Please Don't!

There is usually etiquette for every type of social event.  The spoken and unspoken rules; and Brewfests are no exception.  We want everyone to enjoy the Downieville Mountain Brewfest and have a good time.  Here are a few rules and suggestions to make it a fun day:

Please Wear Your Wristband At All Times  This is your guarantee to sample the offerings. 

Dress for the Event  It's July, it's hot.  Be comfortable and casual.  However, No Shirt-No Service; this isn't the beach, it's the Main Street in Downieville.  Save the shirtless look for heading to the Yuba River to cool off after the event.

Eat!   Don't start tasting on an empty stomach!  There will be a variety of food for purchase, so make sure you have something to eat.  Those homemade pretzel necklaces are another fun way of always having something to eat on hand. 

Please No Sharing!  Only wrist-banded attendees are permitted to taste.  This is not only our rule, but our insurance carrier's and the ABC's rule, too.  Anyone observed sharing will be escorted out along with the non-wristbanded person.  Is it really worth the risk?

Dump it if You're Leaving!  If you leave the immediate Brewfest area, your tasting glass must be empty.  During the Brewfest you may not use your sample glass anywhere else. Only participating brewing companies will be allowed to pour into your glass. And, of course, you may use your glass for free, unlimited water refills at the hydration stations.

Wear Sun Screen   Drinking all day in the sun is tough enough even without feeling the burn. Something shading your head will help, too.

Drink Water  Stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water.  There is free water on-site at the hydration stations.  Water is also a great way to keep your palate fresh.

Pace Yourself  Besides the water trick, you should also pace yourself.  This is not a beer chugging contest and is more about the quality rather than quantity. Drink responsibly, relax and savour the day.  Drink too much and you're likely to forget those good times.

Be Discriminating  Don't make tasting every single beer at the festival your goal.  In some cases it can't be done; and in most cases, it shouldn't be.  

Move It On Over  When you get your sample taste, please step aside and allow the next person in line to be served.  Return to the end of the line if you want another sample. 

Don't Be Shy  If you don't like it, don't drink it, dump it!  There will be dump buckets throughout the area.  It's OK not to like a particular brew, but you'll never know unless you try it! 

Be Hands Free  Leave your pets at home. We cannot accommodate pets in the Brewfest area.  It's crowded and hot and we'd hate to see your pet suffer from paw burn or heat prostration.  Plus, you'll be hands free and able to enjoy something to eat in one hand and a glass of beer in the other!

We know you're all adults and will act accordingly.  But, we do reserve the right to remove any individual(s) from the Brewfest for behaving inappropriately.  

HAVE FUN! we really need to tell you that!   CHEERS!