Why A Brewfest?

We've had lots of questions about what this event will benefit. A committee from the Downieville Improvement Group (DIG) is working with the County to build a gazebo in Gold Rush Park. Proceeds from the Brewfest will go toward labor and materials for this project. Besides having a really fun time at the Downieville Mountain Brewfest, your purchase of Brewfest tickets will help toward making this community project a reality!  Thank you! 

May 2016 Update:
Phase 1 of the Gazebo project is in progress. Mike Galan and Cherry Simi have had several meetings with the county to discuss plans and engineering. Approved blueprints have been drawn up and a materials list has been compiled.  If all goes as planned, construction of the main gazebo structure will begin soon!

All good things take time, so we're working to make the gazebo a great addition to Gold Rush Park.  We have some other community projects in mind, so hopefully, we'll have some excess funds to use for these, too!
2017 UPDATE:  

Much of the construction has been completed!  As soon as we get some decent weather, the roof will be installed and the staining will be completed.  Lookin' Good!